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Lite3DP 3D Printer

An Arduino-based, open source MSLA / LCD-SLA resin micro 3D printer kit

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Jan 07 2021
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Lite3DP is a micro 3D printer that utilizes high-print-quality, virtually-silent MSLA technology. It’s the first of its kind to be based entirely on Arduino, is open source, and comes in an easy-to-assemble kit format. It’s a simple machine that is designed for experimentation and allows for a deep and complete understanding of its operation. And it can fit on just about any desk or in any workshop.

MSLA resin 3D printing technology can achieve stunning detail levels and surface finishes, far superior to what filament 3D printers can reach - essentially by curing resin using a screen such as the LCD on Lite3DP. Although 3D printers with MSLA technology are already offered at prices similar to those of filament printers, they are closed source projects, skirting one of the most precious characteristics of modern 3D printing - accessibility.


Using the Printer

File Preparation

Once you’ve designed your model, it can be prepared for printing using the CHITUBOX utility. CHITUBOX slices your model into separate images for each print layer, which are then formatted to be read by the machine and uploaded to a microSD card by the Lite3DP Converter application.

Printer Setup

Once the machine is powered up, and your prepared microSD card has been inserted, all you have to do is:

It’s that simple. During 3D printing, images corresponding to each slice of the model will be drawn on the screen and thus cured into the resin.

Can’t wait to have the Lite3DP in your hands? You can start using our online simulator right now!

Time-lapse of a Lite3DP Print

Preparing the Printing Platform

Preparation of the printing platform is done before each print. When setting this, the magnetic printing platform will automatically lower towards the screen and all you need to do is adjust a single knob to lock it.

The height of the automatic approach of the printing platform is set the first time the machine is used and is then permanently saved in the Arduino memory.

Lite3DP Components

Lite3DP features an all-in-one PCB that includes an Arduino Pro Mini, the driver for the stepper motor, a module for a microSD card, and a screen with dual-functionality: to provide the masking for 3D printing and to allow selection of printing parameters. The PCB also has a structural function, since the motor and the other parts of the machine are attached to it.

The base is made up of 2 mm aluminum plates, which reinforce the structure and allows passive dissipation of the heat from the UV LED, avoiding the need for noisy fans. During operation of the 3D printer, only a soft sounds of the stepper motor are heard intermittently, which is activated for a few seconds at the end of each layer.

Like all MSLA 3D printers, Lite3DP has a single axis of movement, consisting of a stepper motor with metal gear reduction, a precision linear guide, a square thread screw and POM nut.

All kits will include an injected-molded plastic tray, developed to avoid any breakage or leakage problems. Trays will also offered separately for those who might need more than one, or for those who make their own machine from scratch and want to ensure good performance.


Proudly Open Source

This project is fully open source and the software, Arduino firmware, hardware, 3D printing files, and user guide are available on the Lite3DP website for you to understand and/or modify. You can also follow progress on Instagram.


Lite3DPPhrozen Sonic MiniLonger Orange 30
Open sourceYES: FW + HW + SW NO NO
Build experienceEasy-to-assemble DIY kit Assembled machine Assembled machine
Weight0.35 kg 4.30 kg 8.00 kg
Printer size100 x 100 x 150 mm 250 x 250 x 328 mm 200 x 200 x 390 mm
CoolingPassive Active = continuous noise Active = continuous noise
RepairabilityEasy and inexpensive Complex and expensive Complex and expensive
Resin-compatibilityAll 405 nm All 405 nm All 405 nm
Z resolution0.1 and 0.05 mm 0.3 - 0.01 mm 0.1 - 0.01 mm
XY resolution0.14 mm 0.06 mm 0.05 mm
Build volume45.1 x 33,8 x 70 mm 120.0 x 66.0 x 129.5 mm 120.0 x 68.0 x 170.0 mm
ElectronicsAll-in-one PCB, Arduino-based Mini PC + microcontroller board + video board Mini PC + microcontroller board + video board
One-time slicingYES: 1 file = all resins and layer heights NO NO
TouchscreenNO YES YES
Magnetic attachmentsYES NO NO
Autonomous operationYES: Micro SD card YES: USB drive YES: USB drive
PriceUSD 89 USD 239 USD 239

Fulfillment & Logistics

Once all kits and trays have been manufactured, verified, and packaged, the entire batch will be shipped to the US for distribution to backers via Crowd Supply’s fulfillment service. For more information about shipping, please see Crowd Supply’s Ordering, Paying, and Shipping guide and the international shipping section of their Fulfillment & Logistics guide.

Manufacturing Plan

To achieve the desired high standards of quality, manufacturing will be performed at our own facilities, where we can take care of every detail personally. Of course, the standard components will be ordered from Chinese factories. As soon as the campaign is over, a first order of PCBs (possibly from JLCPCB) and all the electronic components will be placed. In this way we can quickly begin to assemble. At the same time, the injection of the trays and the 3D printing of the rest of the plastic parts will begin. The laser-cut metal parts will be manufactured at a prestigious local company. When the second shipment of mechanical components arrives, they will be carefully inspected and will be packed together with the rest of the manufactured components.

Risks & Challenges

Three years of continuous development and hundreds of hours of testing allow us to believe that both software and hardware have stable operation. It is, of course, an experimental machine, and we expect you to do all sorts of crazy tests, improvements, and modifications. But that’s at your own risk! We are hopeful that the COVID-19 pandemic will not cause us significant delays, but any delays that do occur will be promptly communicated in project updates.

In the Press

3D Natives

"It can be held in the palm of your hand. Unlike other 3D printers, the Lite3DP S1 is really adapted to any kind of office or work space."

Hackster News

"If you care about detail more than size, the Lite3DP S1 could still be a viable option for you. It’s open source and the controller is based on an Arduino Pro Mini. "

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Produced by Lite3DP in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Complete Kit

All the parts you need to build a Lite3DP. MicroSD card and 405 nm resin not included.

$89 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Lite3DP 3D Printer Kit

All the parts you need to build a Lite3DP. MicroSD card and 405 nm resin not included. Power supply sold separately.

$99 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Extra Tray

One tray, ready to be assembled - includes: an injected plastic tray, steel frame, 4 screws, and FEP film. A second tray is great to have if you want to keep different resins separate for cleaning purposes.

$14 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

12 VDC 18 W International Wall Mount AC Adapter

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

A 12 V, 1.5 A (18 W) AC adapter with interchangeable plugs provided for the US, EU, AU, UK, plus a CCC-compliant plug - connecting via a 2.1 mm center-positive barrel jack.

$16 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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