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An Arduino-based, open source MSLA / LCD-SLA resin micro 3D printer kit

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Converter for Linux and SLAcer Online Now Available!

by Alfredo Bonini

In this update, with great joy, we want to inform our backers that a new version of the Lite3DP Converter application for Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) and an online version of the open source SLAcer are now available!

Lite3DP converter for Linux, like its version for Windows, allows the zip file created by Chitubox (or the now available SLAcer) to perform the format conversion of the images and send them to a folder on the Micro SD card, all in one simple step. Remember that Lite3DP uses images in 24-bit BMP format, numbered and inside a folder with the name to be selected.

It can be downloaded on Github!

As a completely Open Source alternative to Chitubox, we have adapted and simplified the SLAcer web-based application. It is not as powerful and fast as Chitubox, but it works from any web browser and its code can be modified.

As usual, any questions or suggestions please write us:

We keep in touch soon with more news. Thank you for your support!

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Product Choices


Lite3DP 3D Printer Kit

All the parts you need to build a Lite3DP. MicroSD card and 405 nm resin not included. Power supply sold separately.


Extra Tray

One tray, ready to be assembled - includes: an injected plastic tray, steel frame, 4 screws, and FEP film. A second tray is great to have if you want to keep different resins separate for cleaning purposes.


12 VDC 12 W International Wall Mount AC Adapter

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

An AC adapter with interchangeable plugs provided for the US, EU, AU, UK, plus a CCC-compliant plug. 12 W max (12 V @ 1 A) with a 1.5 m cable and a 2.1 mm center-positive barrel jack.



Alfredo Bonini, Argentine mechanical engineer, 32 years old, great 3d printing enthusiast.

Alfredo Bonini

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