Lite3DP 3D Printer

An Arduino-based, open source MSLA / LCD-SLA resin micro 3D printer kit

Nov 19, 2020

Project update 1 of 12

We Are Live!

by Alfredo Bonini

The Lite3DP campaign is now live! Lite3DP S1 is a micro 3D printer with MSLA technology, the first of its kind based entirely on Arduino, open source and provided in an easy-to-assemble kit format. It was conceived as an experimental machine with the aim that its users achieve a deep and complete understanding of its operation. It stands out for its simplicity, the absence of noise and being small and lightweight.

You can go with a full kit, a PIY (Print Your Own) Kit, and even extra trays. Perhaps all three? This campaign is looking very popular, so make sure to get in there early and secure your very own open source micro MSLA 3D printer.

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