Bridging Arduino to breadboard with no jumper wires

Jul 15, 2019

Project update 7 of 7

All Campaign Orders Shipped

BreadShields are on the way to you

All campaign orders that haven’t been sent are now in the mail box of Crowd Supply (as of Saturday, June 13). It is expected that Crowd Supply will sent them out in a couple of days. We apologize for the delay on shipping because of some minor issues. If you haven’t already, you’ll receive a tracking number when your order ships. And you can always check your order details and more within your Crowd Supply account.

Git repository

And we have created a Git repository at KiCAD files and documents will be pushed into there shortly.

Known issues

Some of our careful backers noticed that the label for RST and IOREF are flipped on the silkscreen. If you happen to need to access the two signals from BreadShield, please remember to flip them.

Post your BreadShield on social media

We’d love it if you would interact with us on social media! Once you get your BreadShield, could you please post pictures of it in use on Facebook, Twitter, etc.? Please use the hashtag #breadshield and mention @loserllc on either Facebook or Twitter.

Once again, thank you all who have helped us in this campaign, especially our backers. It’s been a great journey from April to July. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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