Bridging Arduino to breadboard with no jumper wires

Jul 01, 2019

Project update 6 of 7

Shipping Soon

The next exciting moment has come!

The first mini-batch production is done. Packages with early-bird BreadShields are on their way to Crowd Supply, with estimated arrivals on July 1st and 3rd. Crowd Supply shall send them out by early next week.

Please DO check your shipping addresses and update if needed through your Crowd Supply account.

Once you give BreadShield a try, please do let us know how you think about it, via [](this form). Do not hesitate to let us know if any part of BreadShield falls short of your expectation.

We are now waiting for the second production batch to arrive by the end of this week which will cover all the remaining orders in this campaign.

Stay tuned. And, for 70% of our backers, happy Independence Day!

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