An open source software defined radio covering 70 MHz to 6 GHz with an on-board FPGA and USB 3.0 port

Apr 19, 2017

Project update 2 of 4

Windows Support, FPGA Design, USB Firmware, and GNU Radio

Windows support!

The FreeSRP can now be used in Windows. libfreesrp was successfully compiled for Windows, requiring only very minor modifications (which will be published soon). Supporting libfreesrp on Windows makes it possible build Pothos SDR with FreeSRP support.

Here is a screenshot of Pothos SDR receiving data through the FreeSRP on Windows 10:

FPGA design and USB controller firmware

The FPGA design and USB controller firmware have now been posted on GitHub.

Additionally, you can find the PDF schematics for the latest FreeSRP revision here.

The full, editable CircuitMaker project will be published very soon!

FreeSRP now supported in upstream gr-osmosdr

FreeSRP support in GNU Radio was previously only available through a custom fork of gr-osmosdr. gr-omsosdr has now merged the changes required to bring FreeSRP compatibility to the official gr-osmosdr library!

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