An open source software defined radio covering 70 MHz to 6 GHz with an on-board FPGA and USB 3.0 port

May 15, 2017

Project update 4 of 4

More packages for Ubuntu & joining MyriadRF

gr-osmosdr packages for Ubuntu and installation guide

Debian packages are now available for gr-osmosdr with FreeSRP support. This makes it very easy to install GNU Radio with FreeSRP support on Ubuntu. I have updated the documentation to include a detailed setup guide. Additionally, there is a short video that walks you through the process.

Joining MyriadRF

I am very excited to announce that the FreeSRP will be joining MyriadRF. MyriadRF is in charge of many open source hardware and software projects involving software-defined radio — this includes the LimeSDR, UmTRX or the SDR driver and framework packaging project. By joining MyriadRF, I hope to bring the FreeSRP to a wider community and make the project more accessible to external contributors and to end users. I also hope that the FreeSRP will be able to add more diversity to the available MyriadRF hardware platforms.

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