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Jun 05, 2020

Project update 22 of 27

Announcing DepthAI Experiments GitHub

by Brandon G

We are excited to announce a new addition to the open-source DepthAI ecosystem: DepthAI Experiments.

So what is it? DepthAI Experiments is a place to see all the various projects and things we (at Luxonis) and others are building with DepthAI. These are good jumping-off points for your own projects, useful example code that doesn’t fit neatly elsewhere, and stuff we just think is cool.

As of this writing we have several interesting bits in there, including:

What’s next? Rumor around the water cooler is that we’ll probably put together an example of building your very own CommuteGuardian prototype using DepthAI! Stay tuned.

All the best,
The Luxonis Team

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