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May 26, 2020

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Fighting COVID-19!

by Brandon G

Hello DepthAI Fans!

We’re super excited to share that Luxonis DepthAI and megaAI are being used to help used to help fight COVID-19!

UV Cleaning Safely with DepthAI

How? To know where people are in relation to a Violet, Akara’s UV-cleaning robot. This allows Violet to know when people are present, and how far away they are, in real-time - disabling its UV light when people are present.

Check out this article from Intel for more details about Violet, the UV-cleaning robot.

We’re excited to continue developing this effort. Specifically, DepthAI can be used to map which surfaces were cleaned and how well (i.e. how much UV energy was deposited on each surface).

This would allow a full 3D map of what was cleaned, how clean is it, and what surfaces were missed.

So in cases where objects in the room are blocking other surfaces, DepthAI would allow a map of the room showing which surfaces were blocked and therefore not able to be cleaned.

The Luxonis Team

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