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Nov 18, 2019

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Demo with Integrated Raspberry Pi

Hi everyone,

Today we share some examples of the power and convenience of having an integrated Raspberry Pi in DepthAI.

The great thing about having the integrated Raspberry Pi is that it works with so many peripherals cleanly. An example of this is live-demoing DepthAI in Dublin last week, plugging DepthAI directly into the projector for the first time live during the presentation. And it went without a hitch. Thank you Raspberry Pi.

Despite never having seen this room before, let alone the projector, and being in the EU (where even the power is different physically and electrically), I was confident that DepthAI would ‘just work’. Confident enough that we tested whether it would work live during the presentation.

And it did ‘just work’. The ‘why’ and ‘how’ is that the Raspberry Pi has been deployed in so many permutations, with so many types of hardware, that drivers have been developed - and field hardened - for just about everything. So that enables you to do something as crazy as live-demoing your hardware, having never plugged it in before. :-)

And this goes beyond presenting, it makes it trivial to get hardware working in the field. Below is an example - just provide power, and optionally (if you want to see results), a display:

And actually one of our Alpha testers (Jonathan) had this exact Adafruit display already in his lab, so he went ahead and built a mount for DepthAI and the display, to make using this in the field easier:

Adafruit DepthAI Mount
Adafruit DepthAI Mount

You can also check out a more basic mount and a more-detailed case for the two.

Brandon & The Luxonis Team

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