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Feb 11, 2020

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Shipping Begins Next Week

by Brandon G

Hi DepthAI Crowd Funding Backers!

We’ve packed and shipped your hardware to Crowd Supply and put the finishing touches on the software. Crowd Supply will be shipping out your orders next week. Please check your shipping address and update if needed in the next 48 hours. You can do this through your account.

How did it turn out? Well, here’s the 3D object localization demo you’ll see when you start the DepthAI Raspberry Pi Compute Module Edition:

In the screenshot above, DepthAI identified a tv monitor (1.286 m from the camera) and a chair (3.711 m from the camera). See the list of object labels on GitHub that DepthAI identifies out-of-the-box.

Thanks again to all our backers. We’re really excited for you all to get your hardware. Tell us what you plan to build with it in the Luxonis Slack Community!

Brandon & the Luxonis team!

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