HestiaPi Touch

An open source, smart thermostat for controlling HVAC and water systems

Feb 05, 2020

Project update 15 of 17

Temporary Halt in Shipping

by Crowd Supply

To backers that have not yet received your orders, and to pre-order customers:

A majority of the campaign orders have shipped out. Unfortunately, despite precautions taken with packaging, we have received reports of HestiaPi Touch units arriving damaged or broken.

In order to avoid this with the remaining orders, we have halted the shipping process while we re-assess and possibly re-pack items.

We know this is unfortunate news, and we appreciate your continued patience and support. We do want to deliver these items to you, but we’d prefer that you receive them intact and functioning!

If you have received a broken device, we are working on a solution for you and will be in touch with next steps.

Please feel free to contact Crowd Supply with any questions. You can see if your order has been shipped already in your account.

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