HestiaPi Touch

An open source, smart thermostat for controlling HVAC and water systems

Jun 04, 2019

Project update 5 of 17

The Hex Case (0xCase)

The HestiaPi campaign is fully funded! See our last update for details on our recent funding goal developments. For everyone that’s already supported the campaign so far, thanks! You can help us even more by sharing HestiaPi with someone you think will be interested.

The Hex Case (0xCase)

The emblematic case design of HestiaPi made people wonder why we chose that awkward shape. Our designer "Antares" was inspired by the bees on how they build their hive in a decentralized approach in order to keep it warm and secure, aka all HestiaPi key features in one shape!


Although no add-on modules are available yet, the concept of linking multiple HestiaPi units to accommodate more complex scenarios produced this designer’s approach:

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