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Binary Clock Shield

Build a fully functional binary clock with your Arduino.

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Jun 14 2019
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The Binary Clock Shield can turn your Arduino into an extremely accurate real-time clock (RTC). It includes a ton of integrated features, so it can also be used as a counter, alarm, timer, thermometer, music box, and more.

Designed by and for makers

A big part of being a maker is learning new technologies that you can incorporate into your projects. The Binary Clock Shield is designed for makers, students, and even teachers. It can be specially-tailored for educational application to enable quick and easy "learning while building" projects.

Below you’ll find all the information you need to configure your shield. Using the Arduino Software (IDE), you can easily start tinkering with code and electronics.

How to read the Binary Clock Shield:


Program the Binary Clock Shield LEDs to any color!


  1. RTC DS3231 - extremely accurate real-time clock
  2. KLJ1230 - piezo buzzer
  3. WS2812B - RGB LEDs
  4. Buttons
  5. RTC backup battery holder for CR1220 3 V coin cell
  6. Arduino connectors

Quick Setup & Alarm Melody Demo:

More demos:

How to Read Binary Code

Binary Counter


Support & Documentation

Binary Clock Shield for Arduino schematic.

Arduino Code Examples / Application Scenarios

Example or Arduino code.

Manufacturing Plan

The product is ready for production. The lead time for production is approximately 4-6 weeks, and production will start as soon as the campaign ends and funds are transferred. Binary Clock Shield printed circuit boards will be assembled by a contract manufacturer who was involved in the prototype production. Once the boards are assembled, they will be tested to ensure they meet exacting quality standards.

Risks & Challenges

All the technical challenges have already been worked out. The prototype is already validated and fully functional. Also all the Arduino code examples with major shield features are complete. A possible risk with this project is a logistical one, e.g., production & shipping delays, customs delays, etc. In any case, all backers will be regularly updated with the current status of the project.

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Produced by Marcin Saj in Brzeg, Poland.

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One Binary Clock Shield

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Three Binary Clock Shields

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Ten pack of Binary Clock Shields

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About the Team

Marcin Saj

Brzeg, Poland  ·

First I should say, "trust me I'm an engineer". I'm a designer with over 15 years of experience with electronics. I specialize in a very specific type of electronics - for hobbyists and geeks.

Marcin Saj
Hardware/Software Engineer

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