Portland Oregon/Startup City

by Mark Grimes

A pocket-sized reference book for entrepreneurs in Portland, Oregon

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Apr 30 2018
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Product Choices


Two Paper Beaded Bracelets

Two paper beaded bracelets (one black, one colored) made out of recycled magazines by Life in Africa, a women-led NGO located in Kampala and Gulu, Uganda.


Startup City Book

Over 101 resources for startup founders and entrepreneurs in Portland, Oregon in this printed book. You'll also receive two paper beaded bracelets.


Startupathon On-air Shoutout

Pledge during the 24-hour Startupathon, and we'll give a live, on-air shoutout during the event. You'll also get the Startup City book and two paper beaded bracelets.


Your Company Logo on SRN Website

Company logo and link to your website on the Startup Radio Network Startupathon webpage, plus two paper beaded bracelets, the Startup City book, and a Startupathon on-air shoutout.


Your Company Name + Logo in Print!

Your company name and logo will be printed on the back cover of the Startup City book! Plus two paper beaded bracelets, a copy of the Startup City book, a Startupathon on-air shoutout, and your company logo and link on the Startup Radio Network website.


The Portland, Oregon Startup City book is loaded with reference material for the entrepreneur in Portland looking to launch and grow their company. Over 101 up-to-date resources to help founders build momentum and gain traction for their business efforts.

Project Status

After over 18 months of research, compiling, writing, and rewriting, the book is finally ready to be professionally edited, laid out, designed, and polished. The final product will be a 32-page, pocket-sized notebook.

Manufacturing Plan

The book will be printed at Scout Books, a boutique book printer located in Portland, Oregon known for their quality and attention to detail.

The paper beaded bracelets are made by Life in Africa.

Transparent Use of Funds

Money is being allocated towards book layout, graphic designer, cover designer, printing, packaging and distribution. Funds in excess of book printing and related expenses will be distributed 100% transparently through the microfinance platform, Kiva, where we’ve supported 7,257 entrepreneurs to date, over 98% of which are women in developing countries.

Live Updates on Startup Radio Network

We’re launching this campaign in conjunction with a 24-hour Startupathon hosted on the Startup Radio Network, where we’ll be rewarding supporters with some podcast-related shoutouts live on-air.

Tune in to the Startup Radio Network and listen live starting at 10 AM PDT on Monday, April 2, 2018 and continuing through a full 24 hours until 10 AM PDT on Tuesday, Aprili 3, 2018. In addition, there will be encore performances every day in April.


Mark Grimes

Since 1989, Mark Grimes has been a startup founder and entrepreneur located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. He's never written a business plan (though read hundreds), he's never raised investment capital, and every one of his companies has been cash-flow positive in under 90 days. His biggest company (so far) is a 40 FTE ad agency with annual revenue of $7.1 million. He's been running NedSpace, co-working for startups, in downtown Portland over the last nine years. in addition, he co-founded Startup Radio Network, a streaming and podcast platform for startup founders and entrepreneurs.

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