PiProjector Rev 2

A Raspberry Pi-powered pocket projector

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A Pocket-size Projector for Raspberry Pi

It’s a PCB providing LiPo battery charging and header socket for a Raspberry Pi Zero W that fits neatly onto TI’s DLP2000EVM DLP projector. A pretty neat portable projector that can actually fit in your pocket.

PiProjector Rev 2 is completely Maker-friendly with Open Hardware and Open Software design.

PiProjector PCB revision 2.3 (top)

Small, Portable and Cheap

I wanted to have the smallest, cheapest portable projector around.

The existing DLP2000EVM was originally designed for the BeagleBone, which lacked any LiPo charging capability. Getting most things going on a BeagleBone isn’t as straightforward as the Raspberry Pi, as it’s brother seems to get more attention.

When did this all start?

About a year ago I designed the first revision, the Rev 1.x series, which is a plain adaptor board for the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

PiProjector PCB revision 1.3 (top)

Around 3 months later I had a working PCB. Able to play a full 1080p video with a 1 hour per Ah of battery uptime. Nice.

What next?

Later in the year I improved on the design. Adding in servo capability to allow control over focus and other functionality.

The version that is being offered in this campaign will have servo control over focus, additional GPIOs for hacking around and LiPo charge control.

You can see more details on my Tindie store.

What are the challenges?

Parts… Basically, parts. Finding parts has become more difficult since the great MLCC shortage and parts are becoming harder to obtain.

The existing Rev 2.5 design has been working without issue for 3 months, and no more enhancements will be added. The only changes would be allowing for alternative parts to be used to avoid shortages.

PiProjector PCB revision 2.5 (top)

Who is making this?

You may have seen this guy hanging around YouTube and the Internet in general for the past three years.

About the Team


Sydney, Australia  ·   mickmake.com

I fall, I rise, I make mistakes, I live, I learn. I Make.

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