Maximum Plunder

The Poster Art of Mike King

Jun 07, 2016

Project update 2 of 9

Over 50% Funded!

Hi Backers,

Well, we have made it to over 50% funded! With 30 days left we’ve come a long way but also have a long way to go—and we still need your help to make it happen. Please continue to share with others who may be interested, and keep posting to social sites, etc. We will do the same! Of course, please feel free to provide any recommendations if you feel we may be missing an easy marketing opportunity. Below are a couple more pages from the book for you to enjoy. If we fund early, there’s a chance we could get the books delivered prior to 10/31. Have a great week!

“I can not tell you all how much I love Mike King. This punk rock motherfucker is one of the hardest working and most talented people I have ever met. Sass for days and he is completely self-taught. You have probably been around his artwork for years and you don’t even know it.”

– Heatherette Seafoam, Musician, Designer, Siren

Maximum Plunder page 113
Maximum Plunder page 70

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