Maximum Plunder

The Poster Art of Mike King

Oct 14, 2016

Project update 8 of 9

Advance Copies Have Arrived

Big news about our big book! The advance copies have arrived in Portland from the printer, and they are every bit as gorgeous as we had hoped. They’re also BIG — if our scale is right, each book weighs a bit more than four pounds. Take a look at this beauteous thing!

While we are thrilled to have a few copies to take pictures of to share with our backers, the full shipment of books has been delayed a few weeks, and will not be arriving in the US until November 18. The books are done and have been sent to our freight co, and should be on their way within the next day or two, and we’re confident the results of all the time and effort we’ve put into making this the best book it could be will be worth the wait.

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