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The Poster Art of Mike King

Sep 01, 2016

Project update 7 of 9

First Printer Proofs

It’s an exciting day here at Maximum Plunder Headquarters — the first printer proofs for the book have arrived! Even better news: everything looks great—so great we snapped a few pictures. The proofs that show the entire book are the plotter proofs, which are printed to scale from PDFs on to cheap paper, meant for reviewing the content, final proofreading, making sure the pages are all in order, and all that important stuff. You’ll notice the dust jacket image shown here is rather dark and drab. That’s because the actual printing for that will be done in super-fancy metallic gold ink, so this is a standard 4-color printer’s interpretation of metallic gold. In other words, this isn’t what it’ll look like!

We also received our wet proofs in this round — the Neko Case poster page below is one—for which the printer made an advance set of printer plates, printed in the full offset process onto film. These are the critical proofs for making sure the images are crisp, the colors rich, and that the book will be as beautifully printed as it deserves to be.

We are tremendously pleased with these proofs, and so is our MPHQ administrative assistant, Leroy.

In the next week we’ll receive the complete mockups of the cover and dust jacket, so expect another update soon!

Wet proof of the Neko Case poster page.
MPHQ administrative assistant, Leroy.

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