Open Source Biomedical Imaging

May 16, 2019

Project update 11 of 15

A Big Thank You!

Just want to say a BIG thank you!! to everyone who supported the campaign. We made it!! With a little room to spare even.

This is great news, and means we will get to produce Spectra devices for everyone who bought one, and ideally we can start a community of people who move medical imaging forward! We’d absolutely love to get feedback from you on the device, what projects you use it for, any questions as you go forward once you get it.

To join the community - sign up to the new Discord channel here: OpenBiomedicalImaging

As we shift into pre-orders, we are adding $50 to the price, because the margins are currently very low. It’s definitely a labor of love so far, and if you know of funding bodies who might be interested in helping further this work, or interesting partnership opportunities for Spectra, we are open and looking.

As a side note, it was really interesting to see how different people in the Open Source community - here’s looking at you Mitch Altman, Alex Glow, Sophi@hackaday, Crowd Supply, and of course our brother company OpenBCI and Neurotechx really came together and helped spread the word on this. It made me both realise how small this community is, as well as how awesome the people are in it! It is lovely to feel supported and surrounded by friends.

Thanks again everyone! It’s time for a quick time-out over the weekend, then we’ll ramp up toward manufacturing (which I’ll be sure to update you on next), and a new website to support forums and and the Discord discussions area!

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