Open Source Biomedical Imaging

Jul 16, 2019

Project update 12 of 15

Building It

We are now onto building a batch of Spectra devices. I’ve recently been working on a test jig, that can both program the devices and determine if they are working correctly. Here it is! It’s got test instructions, an instructional video, and log files I can check remotely. The test jig really is a product within a product and took quite some time and effort to build. Ideally, it will help with the main Spectra board testing so that everything can be fully confirmed as working before it leaves the manufacturer, and give the manufacturer an efficient way to correct any assembly errors.

Spectra Test Jig

We’ve also made purchase orders for all custom phantom tanks 32-electrode cables, USB cables, and flexPCBs, which take a little bit of time to produce as they are all handmade in China. Most of these things have arrived, though still waiting on the custom cables which are fairly complex to build. The most difficult part of this process to date is actually the purchasing of parts for the main PCB, which is taking a lot longer than expected. There are a few reasons for this, but one of them is related to a theft incident where my neighbor caught the thieves on video stealing a package of parts that had just been delivered. I filed a police report, and received most of the replacement parts, but there are still a few parts I’m waiting on before I can start manufacturing the main PCBs. I’m looking forward to beginning the main PCB manufacturing process as this is the most complex part of the process.

We have a new website which hopefully makes everything easy to navigate and also has a link to where our newsletters will come out if you’d like to sign up for occasional and informative updates.

We have an online chat community too - with the aim of inspiring conversations on innovations in biomedical imaging, which should be particularly useful once you receive your device: OpenBiomedicalImaging

Lastly, I’ll be presenting at the biohacking village at DEFCON this year at 10:15am Saturday morning August 10. So if you are planning on being in Las Vegas for DEFCON and are interested in biohacking, come by and see a presentation on Spectra: making medical imaging more accessible! at the Biohacking Village at DEFCON. There will also be a workshop later that day.

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