Open Source Biomedical Imaging

Dec 05, 2019

Project update 15 of 15

New Detailed Tutorial and Joining the Tool Foundry

Spectra is an open-ended tool, though we’ve found we got a fair few questions that could be answered with a more detailed getting started video tutorial to get people to a basic level of proficiency as fast and easily as possible.

Check out the video below to see how to go from a Spectra device in a box to getting your first images from a tuned device. You can definitely go much deeper than this with Spectra, but it’s good to start out on the right track. For more in-depth tutorials on particular techniques, there is openeit.github.io.

We are proud to have been accepted into the competitive Tool Foundry accelerator backed by Schmidt Futures and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, which encourages open access tools in science and have been working through their bootcamp all the way up to their recent showcase in New York - you too can apply to it! Here is a video of the final showcase for the accelerator, speaking about the reasons to democratise medical imaging:

Recently we moved countries, and hence paused sales until we figure out how to manage vendors, customs, and sales in the UK after doing this successfully in the US. Stay tuned as we are currently actively making a new batch of Spectra devices which will be available soon, whilst resolving these new arrangements as we go!

Remember, you can join our discord chat channel and newsletter to stay in touch once you get your device!

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