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Sep 17, 2019

Project update 14 of 15

Packed and Ready to Ship

We are ready to ship, and expect to freight goods from San Francisco to Crowd Supply headquarters in Portland, Oregon! Crowd Supply estimates it will take them around two weeks to get the units out to backers once they’ve received the goods. So hold tight - your Spectra is almost there! If you need to change your address, you can do so by logging in to your Crowd Supply account.

We got our delivery of fully tested PCBs after a slight delay due to a stencil error in the PCB fabrication process, meaning they had to redo the PCBs. The mainchip is a fine-pitch BGA (the ADuCM350) for the main impedance chip, which requires a highly accurate stencil to be able to be place it accurately, so it’s great they picked up this problem which would have caused more errors in testing. The test jig was so worthwhile in the end, as I knew each PCB had passed a set of tests and been flashed with firmware as well so they are all ready to go. Once the UPS delivery of PCB assemblies arrived, it opened the door to fitting them into cases, and then kitting them up into Starter, Deluxe, and Expansion kits ready for delivery.

From delivery of the PCBA to final assembly

Assembling the cases took a bit longer than originally envisioned, but it’s all done now and they do look nice when arranged in a grid.

Shiny too.

Finally, here they all are awaiting shipment.

I’ll be coming out with a few updates to the website, including an unboxing video showing how to get from opening the box through to doing an EIT image, as well as a more detailed FAQ. For now, I’ve paused sales as I plan to move location shortly, and will resume sales on re-settlement.

Stay tuned and join our discord chat channel to stay in touch once you get your device!

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