Mixtile Blade 3

A stackable, high-performance, Rockchip RK3588 single-board computer in a Pico-ITX form factor

Oct 07, 2022

Project update 9 of 15

Delivery Delayed

by Candice Z

Hi everyone!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we can not make the shipment date of Blade 3 and Cluster Box as previously arranged. The COVID-19 outbreak in Shenzhen has caused production delays and it will take more time before production can resume.

Functionalities Optimization

Affected by the pandemic, our progress has been slowed down several times. Our team still has made an active effort. In addition to the implemented features, our team has made some performance updates to Blade 3. By adding UART and power control signal in U.2 interface, Blade 3 can be easily debugged and controlled when using Cluster Box. With the external 4-pin connector for the 5 V cooling fan, it supports PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to control the speed. We also improved the power supply logic of the U.2 interface and USB-C port, now Blade 3 can work more efficiently when connected to two power sources at the same time. We’ll spend more time collecting and addressing feedback from beta testers, continually refining our technical documents, and improving the premium experience before putting it in your hands.

New Shipping Dates

According to the current situation, Blade 3 will be shipped from us to Crowd Supply’s warehouse in the middle of October, and Cluster Box will be shipped from us to Crowd Supply in the middle of November.

Please accept our apology for the delay. If you have any questions, contact us at any time!

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