Nixie Tap

by Mladen Dinic

Minimalist Wi-Fi Nixie Clock

View all updates Mar 17, 2019

Campaign is Live!

The Nixie Tap campaign is now live on Crowd Supply! Nixie Tap is a minimalist Wi-Fi clock that uses Nixie bulbs. We made the Nixie Tap to look good on our desks, and hopefully, it will look good on yours. Learn more on the main campaign page and reserve yours today!

$17,675 raised

of $16,250 goal

108% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


Nixie Tap - Walnut

The walnut version of the Nixie Tap. Warm and welcoming.


Nixie Tap - Black Metal

The aluminum version of the Nixie Tap. Cold and heavy.


Nixie Tap - Two-pack

Can't decide which version you like more? Want one for yourself and one for a friend? Get two!


Mladen Dinic

Mladen Dinic

Design, hardware, production

Marko Marceta


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