Nixie Tap

by Mladen Dinic

Minimalist Wi-Fi Nixie Clock

View all updates Apr 15, 2019

Halfway There

The campaign has crossed the 50% mark, with slightly less than two weeks remaining. In order not to waste time, we will start designing the production validation prototype, when (if) the campaign reaches 75%.

Meanwhile, Nixie Tap says hello:

Thank you for backing!

$18,345 raised

of $16,250 goal

112% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


Nixie Tap - Walnut

The walnut version of the Nixie Tap. Warm and welcoming.


Nixie Tap - Black Metal

The aluminum version of the Nixie Tap. Cold and heavy.


Nixie Tap - Two-pack

Can't decide which version you like more? Want one for yourself and one for a friend? Get two!


Mladen Dinic

Mladen Dinic

Design, hardware, production

Marko Marceta


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