Nixie Tap

by Mladen Dinic

Minimalist Wi-Fi Nixie Clock

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Halfway There

The campaign has crossed the 50% mark, with slightly less than two weeks remaining. In order not to waste time, we will start designing the production validation prototype, when (if) the campaign reaches 75%.

Meanwhile, Nixie Tap says hello:

Thank you for backing!

$13,180 raised

of $16,250 goal

81% Funded

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Support Us!

Thanks for helping make Nixie Tap a reality! As a thank you, we will send you a postcard from Serbia, the country our developers come from.


Nixie Tap - DIY Kit

Want to build it yourself? This kit is for you. It includes all the parts you need to build your own Nixie Tap. An enclosure is not included, but feel free to 3D-print it from the provided STEP files.


Nixie Tap - Walnut

The walnut version of the Nixie Tap. Warm and welcoming.


Nixie Tap - Black Metal

The aluminum version of the Nixie Tap. Cold and heavy.


Nixie Tap - Two-pack

Can't decide which version you like more? Want one for yourself and one for a friend? Get two!


Mladen Dinic

Mladen Dinic

Design, hardware, production

Marko Marceta


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