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A fast, low-latency, open-hardware e-ink monitor and dev kit

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Modos Paper Monitor is an open-hardware 13.3-inch, 1600 x 1200 e-ink monitor with a fast 60 Hz refresh rate, low latency, multiple image modes and dithering options, and flexible screen update control. It can be connected using HDMI and USB, works on Linux, macOS, and Windows, and will come inside an enclosure for plug-and-play use anywhere.

Prototype of the 13.3-inch Paper Monitor

Aimed at developers and tinkerers, the Modos Development Kit uses the same display controller that powers our Paper Monitor with your choice of e-ink screen. It is available with 6-inch and 13.3-inch monochrome or color panels. With this version, the monitor enclosure is not included, making it simpler to integrate into custom display projects.

Calm Your Eyes and Get Inspired

With its controller board and open-source FPGA gateware, the Modos Paper Monitor can be used on its own or integrated into devices of your own creation.

The Modos Paper Monitor can be used as an extra display for a more focused, calmer workspace:

Do you have an idea for a new gadget? For the makers and DIYers out there, our Development Kit is an excellent starting point for prototyping & building unique e-paper experiences, as it works with your existing computer without extra software. For instance:

Or anything else you can imagine!

Features & Specifications

Driver Board Hardware:

Caster FPGA Gateware:

During the campaign, we will offer a number of compatible 6.0- and 13.3-inch panels for backers to choose from, including EC133UJ1 and ED133UT2 from Eink. Other compatible panels are listed on our GitHub page.

Open Source

Modos is an open hardware and open-source company. You can find our Paper Monitor hardware design files and our FPGA gateware source code on GitHub.

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Modos Paper Monitor is part of AMD FPGA Playground

Key Components

Spartan-6 XC6SLX16-3CSG324I · FPGA
image processing

In the Press

Good E-Reader

"[T]he company’s e-paper devices – a laptop and a monitor... will let users choose between a faster refresh rate or better grayscale reproduction."

Hackster News

"The idea behind the Modos Paper Monitor... is to provide a more eye-friendly display than the backlit LCD panels commonly in use. "

Tom's Hardware

"This project is the brainchild of Alexander Soto, who describes a journey starting in February 2021 to defeat the eyestrain that comes with daily extended use of standard displays."

Hacker News Logo

About the Team

Modos Tech, Inc.

Boston, MA  ·   modostech  ·  ·   Modos-Labs

Our mission is to help you live a healthy life by creating technology that respects your time, attention, and well-being. We are creating an open hardware and open-source ecosystem of e-ink devices.

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