A hackable, open-source, ESP32-based amateur-radio board for walkie-talkie and data-communication applications

Jan 31, 2023

Project update 2 of 12

Updates, Upgrades, and Info about SOCORAD32

by Mordecai R

Hello from the SOCORAD32 team, we are honored to announce that our campaign was funded within 24 hours! Wow, what a start, thank you all for your support so far! It’s been an intense time as we are trying to answer all of the questions coming our way. We have done that here and also included additional clarifications. If you have any additional questions, please interact with us using the "Ask a technical question" form.

Changes made since the first prototype

  1. As you may have noticed from our campaign images, we have been working to redefine the board shape to give it a new look, and have redesigned the filter to suppress harmonics. The board fits in an average sized palm of a hand.
  2. After testing the new antenna, we have decided to revert to the initial antenna that was shown during the pre-launch stage:

Simply put, we are upgrading to a new board design, and keeping the original antenna.

  1. The Push To Talk (PTT) button is designed to be easily reachable, and also less prone to accidental activation/press/contact.

Released files

We have just released the schematics, PCB, BOM, firmware, and programming guide all on our Github repository! More user files will be released soon, including the 3D enclosure design as promised. So you can clothe your unit in a daintily crafted enclosure!

Additional Notes

Keep in mind, your unit includes all the accessories as displayed on our campaign page, which includes the antenna, screen, speaker, and speaker wire. All you need to add is an 18650 battery that has a positive (+) protruded top battery type..

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