MorphESP 240

The ultimate ESP32-S2 dev board

Dec 17, 2020

Project update 3 of 9

Design Improvements & Upcoming Derived Projects

by Philippe C

With all the support from our backers and our many interactions with all of you, we’ve been able to work a lot on improving the product. Many of you asked us to make an upgrade so the board can be easily used in derived projects. The main request was to have all the components on a single side. We just wanted to tell you WE MADE IT this week.

Many of you wanted us to remove the antique MicroUSB connector for a more modern USB-C socket. We just wanted to tell you WE MADE IT this week.

Many of you voiced a desire for a low consumption voltage regulator. WE also MADE IT by moving to a TLV75733PDBV model. This will save a lot of battery life. The battery connector has also been moved to the top side. So, with these changes, we move on to the V3 version of the board.

Many makers asked about a KICAD® library and footprint. This is a nice idea which will let our early adopters prepare extra shields in advance. We just wanted to tell you WE MADE IT this week. The KICAD library and footprint have been uploaded to GitHub.

And last, but not least, two related projects are underway:

Project one is a small, stock exchange monitoring app based on MORPHESP240. It’s a lightweight tool for traders to check stock values, BITCOIN/ETH values, etcetera by displayinbg them on the 240x240 IPS display of your MorphESP240. This is probably the first financial app made for ESP32 devices. The code is opensource. It uses wi-fi functions and Arduino JSON libs to query the data.

Project two is a small, vintage style, nixie-like table clock with four morphESP240s talking to each other using ESPNOW MESH. The software is fully open source. Stay tuned and follow the github updates. All the sources for these two projects will be available on our GitHub repo in the next few days.

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