MorphESP 240

The ultimate ESP32-S2 dev board

Dec 03, 2020

Project update 2 of 9

Tutorials, Gamepad Shields, RISC-V Coprocessors, and a Kidnapping!

by Florian L

Hi fans!

The campaign started just a week ago but a lot has happened already. Most of all, more and more of you have joined the Morpheans community. We want to thank you so much for that.

Technical Details

Because a lot of you asked and made suggestions, we will now focus on practical applications of our board. We plan on more tutorials, more technical information, and examples of real life use-cases. To see the latest, check in on our Github repo.

Gamepad Shield

Makers are joining our community and already contributing interesting refinements and add-ons. For example, thanks to Alex alias HWR0, we now have a useful gamepad controller shield. And we’re working on additional shield surprises as well!

Everything you need to know is in his GitHub repo.

RISC-V Coprocessor

By the way, we’ve been taking fire for not having mentioned the fact that the ESP32-S2 has a RISC V coprocessor. Whoops.

The ULP-RISC-V coprocessor, a variant of the ULP, can perform tasks such as sensor readings while the main CPU stays in low power modes. The main difference from the FSM ULP is that this variant can be programmed in C using standard GNU tools. The ULP-RISC-V coprocessor can access the RTC_SLOW_MEM memory region and the registers in RTC_CNTL, RTC_IO, and SARADC peripherals. The RISC-V processor is a 32-bit, fixed point machine. Its instruction set is based on RV32IMC which includes hardware multiplication and division and support for compressed code. This feature opens up vast horizons.

Special Bulletin!

This just in… A "hostage taking" is in progress!

Coming Soon

Stay tuned! We’re preparing visualizations of concrete MorphESP 240 applications for our next update.

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