MorphESP 240

The ultimate ESP32-S2 dev board

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With a High-Resolution IPS Color Display & CircuitPython Support

While there are many ESP32 dev boards on the market, we here at Morpheans found ourselves lamenting the scarcity of such boards for the new ESP32-S2. So we decided to build one. Introducing MorphESP 240, an easy-to-use, Arduino- and CircuitPython-compatible, open hardware ESP-32-S2 dev board with a built-in high resolution IPS color display.

Our target was minimalism with room to grow, and—after squeezing the following specs into a 12 g, 89 x 28 x 6 mm package—we believe we’ve hit the bullseye:

  • An ESP32 S2 WROOM with a 240 MHz, single-core microcontroller
  • An on-board, SPI-driven, 240 x 240 pixel ST7789 display
  • A classic, multi-color WS2812B RGB LED
  • A built-in, JST-connected battery with a USB charging module
  • A 5 V to 3.3 V voltage regulator to feed your extra modules
  • Plenty of GPIOs to play with

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Open Hardware

Help yourself to our schematics, to our KiCAD project source, and to the DXF, STL, and Solidworks files you’ll need if you want to lasercut or 3D print yourself an enclosure. We’ve also designed a breadboard-friendly dev shield with an on-board 868/915 UHF antenna, several grouped GPIO, I²C connectors, SPI pins, and an RFM95 footprint for those who want to add long-range wireless connectivity to their MorphESP 240.

Help Us Build a Community

We’ve been rowing hard, and we’re almost home, but we your hands on an oar if we’re going to bring this ship into port. We invite you to help us deliver a cool, all-in-one device with fully transparent source materials, code, 3D models, project files, Gerbers, and whatever else we end up publishing on the way to production. We’re looking to build a community of makers who are passionate about this platform, and we very much hope you’ll be a part of that community.

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