A tiny Linux computer with a keyboard, a daylight-readable screen, and a long-range transceiver

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Jun 13, 2023

Project update 8 of 8

Development and Testing Progress

by Philippe C

The penultimate iteration of the ShaRPiKeebo PCB has brought us some surprises. The keyboard and the entire RAK module are operational and this part of the development is complete. Along with that, the LED module and Raspberry Pi mounting are operational and this part of the development is also complete.

While testing the entire stock of SHARP screens we were surprised, as all our earlier prototypes worked perfectly with 3 V power, while the new screens seem more finicky. They require 5 V to work. It took us a while to locate the problem, but it is now resolved.

Therefore, last week, we made the final modifications to the PCB on the screen management functions and sent the Gerber files to JLCPCB. We ordered 5 final PCBs to verify that the complete circuit works. The final prototypes are being made and we should receive them at the beginning of next week. Assembly and final tests in our laboratory should take an additional few days. If everything is good, we will immediately start production. The PCB manufacturing factory estimates 15 days to 3 weeks of production time.

We hope you won’t be too upset about the delay. We wanted to take the time to resist rushing and deliver a satisfying product.

The Morpheans team

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