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A tiny Linux computer with a keyboard, a daylight-readable screen, and a long-range transceiver

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ShaRPiKeebo is probably the smallest Linux computer you’ll find with a physical QWERTY keyboard. Measuring just 6 x 11 x 1.5 cm and powered by a Raspberry Pi (RPi) Zero 2 W, it features a 400x240-pixel, low-power, daylight-readable, black-and-white SHARP Memory Display and an RFM95 long-range wireless transceiver. If you thought PocketChip was cool, wait until you get your thumbs on ShaRPiKeebo! With a low-latency display, two D-pads, on-board power-management, and support for Wi-Fi connectivity, this open-hardware, battery-powered nano computer is perfect for gamers, system administrators, and everyone in between.


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You can find documentation in our GitHub repository.

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"Fun to say, fun to look at it. Exactly the kind of thing I love!"

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Orleans, France  ·  morpheans  ·  ccadic  ·

We are a French R&D company driven by two passionate makers who are dedicated to open hardware, obsessed with innovation, and committed to community building. We study, design, and create custom hardware and software.

Florian Lecoeuvre


Philippe Cadic


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