A tiny Linux computer with a keyboard, a daylight-readable screen, and a long-range transceiver

Jun 28, 2022

CE Options, Enclosure Design, Battery Life, Our Design Files, and New Videos!

Hi all! This is our first campaign update to give you news about the project. In it, we address our ongoing research into the possibility of CE marking ShaRPiKeebo, we share our design progress on the enclosure, we announce the results of our real-world battery test, we provide a link to our open-source design files, and we share several new videos. Come have a look! Read the full update.

Jun 09, 2022

We Have Liftoff!

We are now crowdfunding ShaRPiKeebo, a HAT that transforms your Raspberry Pi Zero W or 2W into the ultimate tiny Linux computer. With a physical QWERTY keyboard, a daylight-readable screen, Wi-Fi support, and a long-range transceiver, ShaRPiKeebo lets you pack some serious system administration tools (and some not-so-serious games) in your jeans pocket. Read the full update.

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