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A Hoverboard for Everyone

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Nov 03 2015
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Finally a real hoverboard! No wheels, no magnets, just fun!

Mr Hoverboard is the latest and greatest in anti gravitational toys. Using common hovercraft technology and modern day ingenuity, riders are able to glide frictionlessly over smooth surfaces such as concrete, wood, and flooring. Mr Hoverboard is designed and manufactured in the USA out of baltic birch plywood, PVC, and belief. Just add leaf blowers and you’re ready to ride!

Why Make Mr Hoverboard?

The purpose of this campaign is to finally offer consumers an affordable means of experiencing a ride on a hoverboard. Though other projects have captivated internet audiences, there haven’t been any offerings that allow users to hoverboard in everyday environments. To celebrate 2015, I’m making Mr Hoverboard available to the public. The manufacturing plan is complete, and the first 50 will be ready to ship by the end of November. I’m hoping this campaign can be a successful starting off point from which to further grow and refine Mr Hoverboard. This is your chance to be a part of the beginning.

How Mr Hoverboard Compares

Mr HoverboardHendo HoverLexus Slide
Price$420 (not including blowers)$10,000Unavailable
SurfacesMost Hard SurfacesCopperMagnetic Track
Powered ByBattery Powered Air MovementConductors/ElectromagnetsSuperconductors/Liquid Nitrogen

What Comes in the Box?

Mr Hoverboard comes in one box with seven separate pieces including the board, two hover discs, and four blower mounts. These pieces are attached using simple screws and a hex key included in the package. Ready to be assembled in about 15 minutes. Black & Decker LSW20 battery powered blowers are not included, but can be purchased separately from B&D, Amazon and major hardware stores.

How does it work?

The blowers redirect air through a special PVC skirt attached to the underside by E6100 adhesive. When the air escapes out of the skirt pattern, it allows the board to hover over the ground. Simply push off with your rear foot to gather speed, then lift your foot onto the board. The board will move in the direction of the momentum you apply to it.


The Beginning of Mr Hoverboard

It has been a long journey from simple prototype to a refined scalable product. There have been many improvements along the way, from better blower mounts to a tougher skirt that eliminates the awful howling noises of the original. This project still has a lot of challenges ahead, but for now I’m proud to offer the opportunity to own a piece of the future. I’m excited to see how you’ll ride your Mr Hoverboard!

No more Farty McFly

Check out the original prototype:

Special Thanks

Fabrication by Superfab
Drone footage courtesy of The Delivery Men
Videography by John Valley

Additional Support:
Austin Hardware Meetup
Joe Carr
Darrell Rossman

In the Press

Geek Logo


"It’s 2015, and you still don’t have a pair of self-lacing Air Mags or a Mr. Fusion, but at least you can go for a ride on your very own hoverboard for a reasonably small amount of cash."

Huffington Post UK

"Mr Hoverboard could potentially be the gadget we’ve all been waiting for… it’s the creation of Ryan Craven and takes a plank of wood, four leafblowers and combines them into one real-life hoverboard."

Engadget DE

"Passend zum nahenden Back to the Future Day am 21. Oktober hat Craven nun eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne gestartet"


"Es ist 2015, und ihr seid immer noch mit einem normalen Skateboard unterwegs? Selbst schuld!"

Digital Trends Logo

Digital Trends

"It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the Hendo Hoverboard, Lexus Slide, and even that one-wheeled “hoverboard"


"How bad do you want a hoverboard?"


"The fact that we do have the technology to invent working hoverboards means that we are one step closer to the high-tech future we all dream about."


"This is actually the most practical and accessible hoverboard project we’ve seen yet."

Times of News

"No, you don’t need a copper-lined laboratory or a custom-built skatepark (Lexus we’re looking at you), all you need is a local hardware store and a flat surface that you don’t mind falling onto quite a lot."

Gentside Découverte

"2015, l’annee de l’hoverboard."

The Manual

"You can finally preorder this ridiculous leaf-blower-powered hoverboard"



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Produced by Mr Hoverboard in Austin, TX.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Hoverboard Kit (blowers not included)

$420 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team

Mr Hoverboard

Austin, TX  ·

Mr. Hoverboard is the brainchild of Ryan Craven, a maker, musician, and entrepreneur currently residing in Austin, TX.

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