Pocket Integrator

A clever, open hardware add-on board that lets you play your Pocket Operator drum machine like a maraca!

Nov 28, 2023

Project update 10 of 10

Shipping Soon!

by Mykle H

Season’s Greetings, everybody! I have great news! All your patience is about to pay off. POCKET INTEGRATOR will be shipping to you soon.

By "shipping" I mean that we shipped two boxes full of envelopes full of boxes full of PI from MSL HQ in Portland, Oregon to Mouser (the fulfillment partner of Crowd Supply) at their distribution center in Mansfield, Texas. There will be a bit of turnaround time there, and then your order will be sent out from that location.

I dearly hope, and largely expect, that you’ll get your order in time for the holidays. But, if you’ve changed address since you first placed your order, NOW is the time to update your address at Crowd Supply. Let’s make sure this is your shiny new Christmas present & not the shiny new Christmas present of the people who now live in your old apartment. I suggest you log in here and double-check that address. (You can also contact Crowd Supply support directly with any questions about your order or shipping.)

I am grateful to David Ray and everybody at Cyber City Circuits, our board-assembly partners who have been super-helpful and supportive at every stage of the process. I’m also super appreciative of my Crowd Supply project manager Darcy Neal, and all the other folks at CS who have helped keep on track during the lengthy development process.

In other news: I also give kudos to Teenage Engineering, who have overcome their own chip shortage struggles and now have all models of Pocket Operator back in stock at their web store! Probably these are also back in stock at your local music store, or wherever else Instruments of Beat Destruction are sold in your area. (Here in Portland you can get them at Control Voltage.) It looks like the whole world has just about worked through the chip crunch, and I’m sure it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

Just kidding! Haven’t we learned so much in the last few years about the fragility of our global web of commerce, communication and goodwill? In this holiday season, with so much war, anger, pain and confusion leaping our of our phones at us, I am deeply grateful for basic human comforts that I once took for granted. Things like playing music with friends, dancing in crowds, travelling with strangers in subways … being around people, basically. I sure missed that. People are wonderful. Be good to them.

Anyway: here comes your new experience! I hope you enjoy it. I’m still working on more instructional videos, setting up support channels & other materials to inspire & guide you as you get to know this weird doodad & learn to play it. Also the super-nerd-debugger-programmer feature is still in the works, so expect a firmware update at some point. I’ll let you know when that’s ready.

Thank you again for your patience! I think Pocket Integrator will be worth the wait.


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