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Pocket Integrator

A clever, open hardware add-on board that lets you play your Pocket Operator drum machine like a maraca!

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Pocket Integrator is a magical, musical add-on board for Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator drum machines. Using a MEMS accelerometer, it lets you play drum patterns and synthesizers by tapping and shaking, just like a handheld percussion instrument. Play your Pocket Operator like a drum!

Tap to set the tempo and downbeat. Keep tapping as long as you like. When you stop, it’ll hold the beat wherever you set it. It’s as easy as clapping your hands! (In fact, it’s like using your hands to clap another pair of hands that magically keep clapping after you stop clapping your hands.)

Pocket Integrator also provides USB MIDI clock out, a battery eliminator, an extra analog sync channel, and a built-in digital egg-shaker.

Finally, Pocket Integrator is able to flash the firmware of Pocket Operators, so it’s a good starting point for an open-source Pocket Operator firmware project. (No such project exists at the moment, but you’ve got to start somewhere.)

Pocket Integrator Demo

You can use your Pocket Integrator to play along with the radio, with other musicians, or with the beat you hear in your head. You and your PO can keep a live, fluid rhythm for musicians who don’t want to play along with the rigid clock of a drum machine. And because the PI sends MIDI Clock and analog sync, you can use it to play your other electronic instruments in the same way. Or it can be a simple tool for setting and adjusting tempo. Set it and forget it!

Features & Specifications

Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator is a beautifully designed bare-PCB product. Pocket Integrator is also a bare PCB that’s designed to mate cleanly with the PO, fit well in the hand & not require a case or other additional manufacturing.

Open Source

Pocket Integrator is open hardware. OSHWA certification is pending, hardware will be TAPR licensed, and documentation will be released under the GPL. Source code and design files are available in our GitHub repository.

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Pocket Integrator is part of Microchip Get Launched!

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Hackster News

"Pocket Integrator is a handy accelerator-equipped expansion board. Shake or tap it to play whatever sound samples you have loaded up on your Pocket Operator."

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"The Pocket Integrator requires no soldering and even upgrades the Pocket Operators to USB power."

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Portland, OR  ·

An independent invention studio in Portland, Oregon

Mykle Hansen


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