Pocket Integrator

A clever, open hardware add-on board that lets you play your Pocket Operator drum machine like a maraca!

Jun 06, 2023

Project update 9 of 10

Spring News and Production Status

by Mykle H

Happy Spring, everybody! Here’s an update for all you who are patiently awaiting the Pocket Integrator:

In other news, I recently decided my prototyping game needed improvement. I kept having solder issues with my new prototypes, and it was hard to see what was going on. So I finally got hold of a binocular inspection microscope. Where has this thing been all my life? OMG, such a game changer! My wife is maybe getting a little tired of me calling her down to the workshop to stare at ants and grains of sand and bits of crud I found on the workbench. But the microscopic world is just beautiful. Also it’s kind of amazing to use hand tools under a microscope — I never knew my own fingers could be so precise! And every prototype I’ve built since I got the scope has come out flawless. So three cheers for microscopes!

More news soon! Thanks again for your support!

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