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MYcord - Knit Earbud Sleeve

A seamless knit earbud sleeve that provides a cool look and feel, but most importantly keeps your earbuds TANGLE-FREE!

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Jun 12 2013
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MYcord. A seamless knit earbud sleeve that provides a cool look and feel, but most importantly keeps your earbuds TANGLE-FREE!

MYcord is a seamless knit Y-shaped Sleeve for your earbuds, giving them a cool look and feel while preventing them from tangling. There is a small slit in the back middle portion or ‘hub’ in which the three arms of your earbuds can be fed through for application. Once MYcord is applied, you need not ever worry again about wasting time or attention on untangling your earbuds.

The MYcord Story

I was on the subway from Brooklyn to Queens for a close friend’s birthday celebration when I noticed numerous people wearing headphones/earbuds of various colors & designs. It seemed to be a growing trend, and it struck me, why not create a design piece for earbuds that not only a cool look, but also provide an organic feel. Around this time I had just become aware of a new type of street art called Yarn-bombing, basically the act of knitting up a light pole, a bench, bicycle, or even tree. So why not Yarn-bomb earbuds? People would be able to personalize their earbud cords and create them into a form of expression.

I decided I would act and within a few days I had taught myself to knit and put together the first MYcord. The first prototype looked pretty cool and felt great to the touch, but what surprised me most was that my earbuds no longer tangled! This was truly my eureka moment, and I knew I was onto something with the MYcord.

The great thing about MYcord is its simplistic and minimalist design, yet this item is essentially a blank canvas and that the color/design possibilities would be limitless. Who wouldn’t want to give an expressive look to their earbuds, and more, who wouldn’t want to save themselves the aggravation of untangling them on a daily basis?

After testing the MYcord in several different materials, I found that 100% acrylic was the most sustainable for everyday use of the earbuds. After having difficulty sourcing manufacturing for such a unique product, I decided that the MYcord belonged here in the United States, being produced at home. I want to be a part of the American small business movement, and that starts with the MYcord being produced right here in America.

It has been a long journey and as I write this, one-year to the day that I first thought of it, I am proud to say that MYcord is Made in America and patent pending.

Premiums & Pledge Levels

Support MYcord ($1+)

If you like or believe in MYcord, I would be grateful for your support. Any supporters will receive a personal shout-out email from myself. Thanks!

Early Bird Special MYcord ($15)

For being the first in line to back the MYcord, I am offering a discounted price of $15. Receive 1 MYcord, available in 8 different colors. Limited to the first 50 backers.

MYcord Original ($20)

Receive 1 MYcord at a price of $20. Availalbe in 8 different colors.

MYcord 3-pack ($50)

Receive 3 MYcords. Available in 8 different colors.


Why MYcord?


What earbuds will MYcord fit?

Manufacturing Plan

After a long and tumultuous process of finding the right type of machinery to produce the MYcord design, we found one right in New York City’s Fashion District with state-of-the-art Stoll knitting machines. After months of experimentation and tweaks we have developed MYcord into a durable and quality controlled accessory item that is Made In America. We have our manufacture ready to go forward with production and simply awaiting the working capital that any project requires to get off the ground.

Risks & Challenges

We have been working on MYcord for just under a year now. It has been an extremely fun and exciting endeavor thus far, but we are now at the stage where we need to build an inventory and narrow down designs. This is surely to be our biggest challenge in the near future, but we feel that Crowd Supply might help to ease the process. MYcord being essentially a blank canvas. It has, and will continue to be an extremely difficult process of narrowing down color/design schemes, at least in the initial stages.

We are here to raise funds for the first wave of production. In order to personally control the quality of MYcord we decided to keep it Made In America. We have a great local start-up manufacturer in New York City’s fashion district lined up who have helped us immensely to keeping this project moving. They are experienced professional who use very expensive state-of-the-art Stoll knitting technology, and without such machinery, this item simply would not be possible to manufacture. Currently, we are at the stage where we need to cover production costs and purchase yarn in order to produce. This stands as our biggest challenge.

We have injected a rather large some of money up to this point in order to develop MYcord. Sample costs, patents, and production are not cheap! The funds raised will go directly into production and material costs. Our integrity to keep this item Made In America is unwavering, all we need is the appropriate capitol injection at this point in order to get this project off the ground.

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Produced by MYcord in Carmel, NY.

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Early Bird MYcord

$15 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

1 MYcord

$20 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

Set of 3 MYcords

$50 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

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Carmel, NY

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