Apr 02, 2018

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"Science is not only a disciple of reason but, also, one of romance and passion." — Stephen Hawking

New: moRFeus

MoRFeus is a 30 MHz–6 GHz field-configurable Fractional-N wideband frequency converter and signal generator. Its LCD display and button interface enable dynamic field-level configuration - from switching between signal generator and other modes, to setting the local oscillator frequency and more. It was designed for wideband frequency up- and down-conversion - with an LO frequency range of 85 MHz–5.4 GHz and input/output frequency range of 30 MHz–6 GHz. It was designed for low spurious emissions and is packaged in a precision-milled aluminum enclosure.

Now funding (and shipping)!

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New: Infinite Noise TRNG

The Infinite Noise TRNG is an affordable and secure true random number generator (TRNG). It’s based on a modular entropy multiplier technique that continuously loops over previous random output, gathering randomness from the noise of the hardware components along the way, to generate the next random output. This way it produces a constant, measurable level of entropy which is then whitened to produce true random numbers. The openness of the implementation makes it easy to inspect and verify, as all security hardware should be!

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Teardown News: DJ/Presenter, Sponsor, Tickets, and Call for Proposals

Lots of Teardown event news today:

Nadya Peek, of OSHA, the band Construction, and too many cool things to innumerate in a newsletter, will not only be presenting at Teardown, but DJing.

OSH Park, of the perfect, purple perfection we all know and love, is an official Teardown sponsor.

There are two more days to purchase early bird Teardown passes.

The call for proposals for presentations, workshops, installations, what-have-you is now extended to April 10 at 11:59 PM PDT.

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Coming Soon: TinyPi

Introducing the worlds smallest Raspberry Pi based gaming device. Based arround the Raspberry Pi, TinyPi gives you instant access to retro-gaming systems such as RetroPie and Pico-8. Signup below to be notified when the TinyPi campaign launches.

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In-stock: Signet

Signet, the compact, open, USB device that safety stores your passwords and other data in encrypted memory is now in stock. Get yours today!

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In-stock: µduino

The µduino is the smallest Arduino ever made. Now in-stock and ready to ship. They’re in the warehouse somewhere, we think…

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