Jun 11, 2018

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New: motionPro 6600

The motionPro 6600 is a four-axis motion controller for stepper motor-driven machines that includes integrated, high-powered motor drivers. The hardware is software agnostic and will work with any TTL-level step and direction signals. Free yourself from proprietary controller software!

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Update: zOrigin SoC Datasheet

zOrigin is an ultra-small, wireless wearable made with new chip-stacking technology. At the heart of zOrigin is the ZGLZ1BA, the first commercially available example of a customized SoC created with ZiP technology. The ZGLZ1BA datasheet is now available.

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Update: NeTV2’s Libre Posse

In a boost for bunnie’s NeTV2 project, the HDMI2USB project, headed by Tim ‘mithro’ Ansell, has committed to supporting NeTV2’s "libre mode." This completes another virtuous cycle of open source development — HDMI2USB used the original NeTV years ago.

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Coming Soon: LiFePO4wered/Pi+

LiFePO4wered/Pi+ is a full-featured LiFePO4 battery, power manager, and UPS for the Raspberry Pi. It can power a Raspberry Pi for up to nine hours (depending on installed battery size, Raspberry Pi model, etc.) and can be left plugged-in continuously. Keep your Pi alive!

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In Stock: µduino

The µduino is a tiny Arduino-compatible board that makes use of the power of the ATMEGA32U4 chip found in the Arduino Leonardo (a board over 20 times larger), offering 20 I/O ports, including PWM and ADC ports!

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