Jun 15, 2018

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"We are the best biologically-inspired neural networks we have right now." — Andrew Greenberg

New: SPIDriver

Control SPI devices from your computer with SPIDriver! Its built-in color screen shows a live logic-analyzer display of all SPI traffic. No special drivers need to be installed. The board includes 3.3 and 5 V supplies with voltage and current monitoring.

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Updates: Circumference

Circumference is the datacenter-in-a-box built around the Raspberry Pi and UDOO x86 platforms. The latest updates include the addition of case color/engraved logo options, a box teardown, their pre-campaign prototype process, and how their control software works.

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Coming Soon: μArt

μArt is a USB-to-UART adapter that’s first truly universal, safe, and reliable. You can use it almost anywhere you need to connect a UART to your computer’s USB port, irrespective of voltage levels and communication speed. μArt is the all-in-one UART tool.

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Coming Soon: LoRa Stik

LoRa Stik is the simple, open source way to connect your computer to the greater LoRa wireless network. LoRa can send packets over long distances (kilometers) using very little power and is used in applications like automatic meter reading, smart parking, and livestock tracking.

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In Stock: HiFive1

The Arduino-compatible dev board with the very first commercially available RISC-V SoC is now back in stock. HiFive1 is based on SiFive’s E31 CPU Coreplex running at 320+ MHz, making it the fastest Arduino-compatible board out there. Ships within two business days.

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