Oct 29, 2018

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"We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." — George Bernard Shaw

New: LimeNET Micro

LimeNET Micro is an affordable software-defined radio platform with an integrated Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 for creating compact, self-contained wireless networks.

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In-stock: CrypTech Alpha

The CrypTech Alpha is an open source hardware cryptographic engine targeting applications where security is paramount. This latest release comes with several major feature upgrades. We have five units ready for immediate shipping.

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In-stock: Tomu

Tomu is an open source ARM board with two buttons and two LEDs that fits inside your USB connector - for 2FA/U2F token security, or whatever you want to make of it. Now back in stock.

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In-stock: UsbSafe²

UsbSafe² is a device for protecting USB-connected hardware from excessive voltage, excessive current, and unauthorized data access.

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