Nov 09, 2018

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Project Updates: Airpup

There’s a lot you can do with an Airpup kite-balloon: set up an airborne, long-distance wireless network, take stable, long-duration, wedding photography, and much more.

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Coming Soon: Tomu FPGA

An FPGA inside your USB port - with an RGB LED and capacitive touchpads. Tomu FPGA is open source and has enough logic cells to implement a RISC-V CPU and run Python natively.

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Coming Soon: Spectra

Spectra makes biomedical imaging techniques affordable and open source. It’s electrical impedance tomography (EIT) on your desktop.

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Coming Soon: ArduPiSHIELD

ArduPiSHIELD lets you use the best Arduino features and the best Raspberry Pi features together and in harmony.

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In-stock: PicoEVB

PicoEVB is a Xilinx Artix dev kit that fits in your laptop. This convenient, affordable way to explore Xilinx PCIe IP is now back in stock.

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