Jul 22, 2021

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"Whoever controls technology controls the world." — Lex Luthor


Great Scott Gadgets announces LUNA, an all-in-one tool for building, testing, monitoring, and experimenting with USB devices.

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Coming Soon: BusKill

BusKill is a hardware "dead man’s switch" that executes a user-configurable trigger when your machine is physically separated from you.

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In Stock: I²CMini, I²CDriver, SPIDriver

Enjoy open source and hassle-free I²C and SPI communication via USB.

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In Stock: E3K Biosensing Platform

E3K features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and sensors to capture muscle movement, heartbeat, brain activity, and motion.

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In Stock: Eduponics Mini

Eduponics Mini is an ESP32-based IoT kit for smart agriculture.

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Project Updates

Ollie vs. USB Killer. Isolation FTW?

Coding acrylic enclosures with OpenSCAD.

A behind-the-scenes video at Sparkfun.

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