Eduponics Mini

An ESP32 smart agriculture IoT kit with a modifiable app

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Eduponics Mini is a smart agriculture and IoT board based on the ESP32 microcontroller. It features a rich number of built-in sensors: temperature, humidity, barometric, ambient light, water quantity, soil moisture, and more. It is also equipped for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and low-power consumption support to enable real-life IoT applications. Eduponics Mini comes with a hackable mobile app that enables remote control of your plants from anywhere using the MQTT protocol. It’s industrial-grade hardware at an affordable price - an excellent ready-made irrigation system, automatic watering for your plants, or as an educational tool that collects highly accurate sensor data and performs automation.

Eduponics Mini app screenshot

Features & Specifications

  • ESP32-WROVER microcontroller (pre-installed and tested with MicroPython)
  • Water quantity, soil moisture, and pump XH2.54 interfaces
  • Tiny relay that is used for controlling the pump
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • 12 V DC -ower interface
  • USB Type-C programmable interface (UART)
  • Reset button
  • Wake up button (can be used with deep sleep for interruption)
  • RTC DS1307 module (coin-cell battery not included)
  • BH1750 I²C light sensor
  • BME280 I²C temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensor
  • Extension for DHT11 / DHT22 sensor (DHT sensor not included)
  • AT24C02 EEPROM chip
  • IO expansion pins to connect extra sensors or modules

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Useful In a Variety Of Applications

  • Smart watering solutions
  • IoT weather station and environmental monitoring
  • Green house controller for mushrooms, flowers, and all kinds of plants
  • Smart irrigation system
  • Accurate data collection for data and environmental analysis

Kit Contents

The Eduponics Mini Kit includes the ESP32 Eduponics Mini board, and also multiple accessories:

  • 12 V, 2 A DC Power adapter
  • USB Type-C data cable
  • Capacitive soil moisture sensor (long or short, not waterproof)
  • Submersible 12 V pump
  • Waterproof contact-less water level sensor + 2 sided sticker (to stick on the container)
  • Water hose (pipe)

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Open Source Information

Our documentation can be found at:

We provide a very detailed documentation of each sensor, the principles and code examples for both Arduino IDE and MicroPython.

Our GitHub repository can be accessed here:

We haven’t created any special firmware. All the code libraries and drivers (with their owners credits) are fully open source and are available on GitHub and in our Wiki.

We also provide the MQTT code to control our Eduponics mobile app (currently only available on Android). While the app code is not published, we do offer ESP32 side code that can modify all the data in the app, which means anyone can use the code for our app without having to use our hardware.

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