Aug 06, 2021

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"Jupiter has no leisure to attend to little things." — Ovid

New: Jupiter Nano

Jupiter Nano is an open ARM Cortex-A5 dev board that runs NuttX RTOS or Linux.

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PICO DSP is an open source, Arduino-compatible ESP32 dev board for audio and DSP.

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Coming Soon: ChipWhisperer-Husky

ChipWhisperer-Husky is a power-analysis and fault-injection tool that fits in your paw.

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Coming Soon: CANFDuino

The open source CANFDuino adds CAN and CANFD standards to your Arduino projects.

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In Stock: Little Bee

Little Bee is a high-performance, open source current and magnetic field probe.

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In Stock: SparkFun Thing Plus - QuickLogic EOS S3

Dive into embedded ML for wearable and voice apps with this SparkFun Thing Plus.

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In Stock: Nixie Tap

Nixie Tap is your open source, Wi-Fi-enabled Nixie clock.

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Project Update: Precursor

Xobs shows how he added Rust-stable libstd support for Xous OS.

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