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ChipWhisperer-Husky is a compact package for experimenting with side-channel power analysis and fault injection. It follows in the footsteps of our ChipWhisperer-Lite and ChipWhisperer-Pro products, and adds new features, like high-speed logic analyzers (to visualize glitches), real-time data streaming for attacking asymmetric algorithms, and additional I/O expansion pins.

ChipWhisperer-Husky is a feature and architecture upgrade to ChipWhisperer-Lite. This tool helps bring features we could only offer in our more expensive ChipWhisperer-Pro, and offers them at a lower price. ChipWhisperer-Husky offers our same innovative "synchronous sampling" technology that underpins the ChipWhisperer capture architecture, and gives it the ability to analyze devices well beyond what its low price would suggest. ChipWhisperer-Husky also makes substantial upgrades to the FPGA — it now uses a 7-series device, which makes it easy to work with on modern tools. The FPGA code has been entirely redesigned with the help of our FPGA wizard, J-P, who unlike Colin uses actual test benches.

Features & Specifications

Learning Resources

ChipWhisperer-Husky works with a variety of resources we have already built, organized into self-taught "courses." You can see examples of these courses as part of the ChipWhisperer Project. If you need a little more help, we offer a video series on, and The Hardware Hacking Handbook, coming soon, will be compatible with the ChipWhisperer-Husky.

Documentation & Open Source

In the spirit of resilience, the core features, including the FPGA logic, microcontroller firmware, and computer code are all open source, allowing you to learn about, modify, and add features. In the spirit of sustainable business practices and maintaining our ability to offer long-term support, the hardware itself is not fully open source.

You can see our ChipWhisperer-Husky development in several places:

Component Sourcing

Anyone paying attention in 2021 knows that component sourcing is not easy these days - which might make you wonder why we are launching a new tool at such a time. We’ve been working hard to ensure our design is agile, and for core components (such as FPGA and microcontrollers) we’re securing future delivery that we can use in initial runs. We’ll have more updates during the full campaign, but we plan to deliver this in a reasonable time frame.

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ChipWhisperer-Husky is participating in the Xilinx FPGA Playground!

In the Press

Hackster News

"The Canadian-based security research company NewAE Technology is announcing their latest side-channel attack tool, the ChipWhisperer-Husky."

Geeky Gadgets

"Developers, engineers and hobbyists may be interested in a new compact device specifically designed for experimenting with side-channel power analysis and fault injection."

About the Team

NewAE Technology Inc

Halifax, NS, Canada  ·

NewAE developed the ChipWhisperer, the first open-source tool for side-channel power analysis and fault injection. They have shipped over 2000 of their low-cost boards & now offer a wide range of products to help embedded designers evaluate and develop embedded hardware security solutions.

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