Jan 28, 2022

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"I wonder how you’d take to working in a pocket calculator."
— Master Control Program

New: Wappsto:bit

Wappsto:bit brings Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, and GPS to the BBC micro:bit ecosystem for easy IoT connectivity.

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Project Update Roundup

Sensor Watch: Don’t wait - emulate.

This KrakenSDR has no issues.

Jeff Geerling tried out a Home Assistant Yellow.

BusKill issues another cryptographically-signed warrant canary.

In Stock: ANAVI Gardening uHAT

ANAVI Gardening uHAT is a low-cost, open source RPi add-on for developing smart solutions for monitoring and growing plants.

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In Stock: Fomu

Fomu is an iCE40 FPGA board that fits inside your USB port, runs Python on top of a RISC-V softcore, and has a fully-open toolchain.

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In Stock: Open Game Station

Get your open source 8-bit gaming (and game-making) on.

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In Stock: DiceKeys

Roll your way to 196 bits of security with DiceKeys.

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In Stock: SmartLED Shield for Teensy 4

SmartLED Shield can drive high-quality LED panels with a Teensy 4, fully leveraging the massive A/V capabilities and documentation behind Teensy. It can even mount directly to the back of a panel.

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