BBC micro:bit + ESP32 for easy IoT connectivity

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Wappsto:bit is a connectivity companion to the BBC micro:bit, the pocket-sized computer sold by the millions worldwide to inspire children’s critical thinking and creativity. Wappsto:bit gives your micro:bit superpowers by wirelessly connecting it to the Internet and other devices, all easily monitored and controlled from a dashboard on your mobile phone. Experimenting with IoT and learning about data science is fun and easy with Wappsto:bit!

Four Flavors of Hardware

Wappsto:bit GO Wappsto:bit BasicWappsto:bit NB-IoTWappsto:bit NB-IoT+
Integrated micro:bitYes No No No
Wi-FiYes Yes Yes Yes
BluetoothYes Yes Yes Yes
5G NB-IoTNo No Yes Yes
GPSNo No No Yes

Wappsto:bit GO

Wappsto:bit GO is the latest addition to the Wappsto:bit line of hardware. It integrates the functionality of a micro:bit with the connectivity of an ESP32, all on a single board. It features the same edge connector as a BBC micro:bit, so it is compatible with all micro:bit breakout boards.

Wappsto:bit GO features include:

  • USB-C interface for power and micro:bit programming
  • Complete features of BBC micro:bit v2, including microphone and speaker
  • ESP32 WROOM32 D, 16 MB flash, Bluetooth, BLE, and Wi-Fi
  • ESP32 programmed via standard ESP programmer connector
  • Standard micro:bit edge connector for expansion boards
  • Easy access to all micro:bit GPIO, power, and ground
  • Button input and RGB LED for ESP32

Wappsto:bit Basic

Wappsto:bit Basic is a carrier board for a BBC micro:bit - just insert your own micro:bit via its edge connector and you have all the connectivity an ESP32 has to offer.

Above: Wappsto:bit Basic with and without an inserted micro:bit

Wappsto:bit NB-IoT

Just like a Wappsto:bit Basic, but with the addition of a cellular modem that allows for NB-IoT connectivity.

Wappsto:bit NB-IoT+

Just like a Wappsto:bit NB-IoT, but with the addition of a GPS receiver.

Analyze Sensor Data From the Dashboard

The Wappsto:bit GO is fully integrated with the Wappsto Dashboard, where you can use the pre-programmed binary, and you automatically get data in Wappsto, as described in Wappsto:bit Academy. All you need to do is to create a free account on Wappsto.com. You can also use the Arduino examples on https://github.com/Wappsto/wappstobit-go for communicating with micro:bit and https://github.com/Wappsto/arduino_wappsto to make your own integration with Wappsto. Of course, you can also design your own project and features from scratch.

Wappsto Dashboard (click to enlarge)

Program Using Makecode

As with the original BBC micro:bit, Wappsto:bit GO can be programmed with Makecode. To easily communicate via I²C with the onboard ESP32, simply install the Wappsto Extension and the rest is standard Makecode.

Screenshot of Makecode for Wappsto:bit (click to enlarge)

Support & Documentation

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